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A tranquil rural setting, yet conveniently located close to the M6 at Knutsford and to Manchester International Airport.
The business is personally operated by a family of animal lovers, providing the best possible care and individual attention
during their stay.
Kennels - Individual kennels with there own covered runs attached, providing your pet with regular exercise.
The kennels are centrally heated for the winter months, and soothing music is played to relax the most nervous pets.
Diets -  We endeavour to feed the same brand of food as they are used to, at home,
Special diets are easily arranged and are available on request, also any medical treatment advised by your
vet can be continued whilst in our care.
Nervous Dogs - We can arrange “quiet” facilities for nervous pets, as sometimes hearing other animals can be
unsettling for them.
Elderly & Chronic Cases - If your pet is ailing or has a chronic condition, this does not necessarily preclude
us from boarding him/her. However, prior arrangements are essential and each case must be assessed on its own
merits. Our veterinarian surgeons opinion may be sought in extreme cases.
Vaccinations - All dogs must be inoculated against Distemper, and Parvovirus. Certificated evidence
must be produced at check-in time. We do not insist on the kennel cough vaccination, we leave this option to the owner,
however, if you chose this option we insist that it be administered 3 weeks prior to your reservation date.
If you have any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to call for a chat.
Owing to the fact that we are breeders, we can offer accommodation for bitches in whelp.
Bitches in season welcome.
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